Şubat 28, 2008


Blogobellissima of Idealist dedi ki:

insanlar başaklara benzerler, içleri boşken başları havadadır, içleri doldukça eğilirler. Rabbim bizlere nasip et Inşallah



Şubat 28, 2008

BlogoBellissima Voyager,

BlogoBellissima Voyager wil become a science fiction television serie set in the BlogoBellissima universe. The televisionshow will be created by a unknow writer, who has recently came to earth by a Unidentified Flying Object or a so called UFO. It wil come in 6 or 7 seasons, and might be a great success in the coming future..

Şubat 28, 2008


BlogoBellissima is out there, agents Blogo and Bellissima are set to return to theater in the first BlogoBellissima film. The long awaited film was set to begin shooting as fast as possible, somewhere in mid Europe. It will be on the same spot as were the TV serie was done earlier last year. Who wrote the screenplay is unknown till now.